* Please understand, body butters will melt if temperature is above 75 degrees. Please watch your tracking closely , if your going to order during summer months . There are no refunds for body butters that melt during shipping *


Our body butters are made will quality Organic raw butters, preiumum carrier oils and  fragrence/essential oils. The butters used in our receipes are ;  Shea Butter, Mango Butter , Cocoa Butter. 


Shea Butter is high in vitamin E & A, along with containing triterpenes- which help maintain collagen levels in the skin.


Mango butter is another light weight butter that contains vitamin A, C & E. Mango Butter has the ability to reduce damage caused by UV radiation, protect skin against toxins and bacteria, balance skins oil production.


Cacaco Butter  ( only used in our cocoa & cocoa mint options)  Polyphenols in this butter help with fine lines and wrinkles. Cacao is not just used to make chocolate but is very m