* Please understand, body butters will melt if temperature is above 76degrees. Please watch your tracking closely , if your going to order during summer months . There are no refunds for body butters that melt during shipping *

Our body butters are made will quality raw butters, preiumum carrier oils and if requested fragrence/essential oils. The butters used in our receipes are ; Kokum butter, Shea Butter, Mango Butter and Cupuaco Butter.  Kokum Butter has a comegendic rating of 0 !, which means this butter will not clog your pores. Kokum Butter is 80% stearic-oleic-stearic acids, its one of the most stable butters you will find. Kokum is high in Omega 3 & 6 , Vitamine E and is known for its anti-inflammatory properties . Shea Butter is well known and widely used around the world for its skin loving nutrients. Shea Butter is high in vitamin E & A, along with containing triterpenes- which help maintain collagen levels in the skin. Mango butter is another light weight butter that contains vitamin A, C & E. Mango Butter has the ability to reduce damage caused by UV radiation, protect skin against toxins and bacteria, balance skins oil production. Cupuacu Butter is the cousin to Cocoa Butter that is grown in Brazil. Cupuacu Butter  is a plant alternative to lanolin, it attracts 240% more water than any other butter; making it the king of skin hydration.  Cupuacu will improve environmental damage, skin elasticity and is anti-inflammatory. Cupuacu is used in our Natural scent whipped options, not with scented options. As it has a very strong Cocoa Butter scent, making it very hard to blend with sweeter fragrances. 
*Relief butter- Whipped Shea Butter, grapeseed oil- infused with lavender, Calendula and Yarrow*

Whipped Body butter

  • Whipped body butter will be not be shipped during summer months. However,  it will be available for local pick-up. Please note, when the whipped butter is freshly made, it will appear light and fluffy like most pictures you see, however once the lid is placed and the oils/butters have a chance to settle, it will have more of a butter look and feel when applied. 



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