This bar is loaded with herbal goodness. It creates a glow like no other for your face, and is also Yoni safe ! Lets keep our pearl nice and moist !  We recommend using it 3x week  for a nice pick me up for your face . It can be used daily as a Yoni bar. It may take 2-3 washes to feel a difference, as these are natural ingriedients  that take time to work with your body.


** Design may vary from picture above, I enjoy creative freedom when making soap**



    Vegetable Glycerin, Shea Butter base, Herbal infused oil, Essential oils include-  Geranium, Frankincense , Jasmine, Lavender, Rose water and Raw honey

    * This bar does not include apple cider vinegar, please check out our Goddess bar if you are having Ph, odor and yeast issues*

  • Although this contains many herbs found in the "yoni steam" you may see for sale, this soap is not intended to be used internally. Please only wash the outside of your vulva. NEVER place soap inside of the vagina.




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