G-spot kit includes a Aphrodisiac oil, tea and soap. However there are variations of this kit offered.


G-spot Tea- Anise, Yohimbe, Horney goat weed, Damiana, Chamomile


This tea works best when taken 30mins prior to intimacy 


**Please do not buy this tea if you have heart complications- high blood pressure, Low blood pressure, Heart failure, etc** Please only purchase the oil & soap.


G-spot soap- Coconut milk & Aloe base, Infused grapeseed oil,  Marshmellow root powder, Ylang Ylang, Sage, Peppermint EO


G-spot Oil- Grapeseed oil, Yohimbe, Damiana ,Rose, jasmine

G-spot kit

  • Oil- After bathing with G-spot soap bar, apply a small amount of oil around the Clitoris and inner lips... sit back and enjoy !

    Tea- Boil 10oz of water, Add 1-2tbs to hot water allow herbs to steep for 10mins , strain and enjoy!

    Soap- You may get a cooling sensation, it will subside within a few minutes.



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