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Our products are made with natural, organic ingredients.



Sustainability and eco-consciousness is our top priority.


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We maintain a high standard for all of our products.

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About Us

Hi there!, I am Adrenee, Creator and founder of Mahogany Beauty and mother of two beautiful children. I began my journey to help eliminate skin issues for myself and family. I've struggled with acne and migraines and just could not find the right products to help; Until I began dealing with things internally and creating natural products to use on a daily basis. As as mother, we sometimes put our self-care on hold to care for everyone else. I am hopeful my products allow everyone to fall back into a simple routine that embodies selfcare, without adding extra time to your day.
Skin is our largest organ lets treat it right !, Skin acts as a barrier and gateway. Our pores open and close which is why we all need to be more conscious of what we put onto our skin.

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What We Do...

We create Handcrafted Cold-Process soaps, moisturizers, and emulsified sugar scrubs free of harsh detergents, colorants and chemicals. We like to cater to everyone's needs, therefore we offer a variety of plant-based and non-plant based options. We like to incorporate fresh veggies, and herbs into our soaps, along with offering loose dried herbs for tea blends.

Our mission is to create a unique and gentle bathing experience for all ages; while helping to aide in healing internally and topically with our loose herbal teas and natural skincare products.

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Want to join the soap making business?

Are you a business owner looking to add natural soaps to your store? Or just a consumer looking to learn how to create your own natural soaps? We can help!


Check out the White Label section and Soap Class section for more information!

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